Coniston Community Centre

“It was a pleasure working with PRO Structures on the Coniston Community Centre project, and we would be pleased to use you on any future projects.” – Lucy Hamid, project representative, Patchway District Council.

Project value: £900,000

New three-storey office extension plus enclosure of an existing break-out area on the roof into a new office.

Services provided:
Feasibility reporting; structural design; structural scheme reporting for budget purposes; liaison with team and contractor.

Architecture and Design, Bristol

Melhuish and Saunders

Three-storey extension with roof-top break-out area

The Coniston Community Centre extension posed an interesting question in the first instance in so far as we had to ascertain if it was structurally viable to design a steel frame to enclose the previously external roof-top break-out area. This done, the three-storey extension was formed using a load-bearing masonry envelope and pre-stressed concrete plank floors.

PRO Structures was involved with this project throughout the design phases, attending construction and design meetings, liaising with the contractor to solve any issues which might arise, and preparing viability reports for budget purposes – offering value throughout the design process. This project was partially funded by lottery revenues and completed in March 2011.

PRO Structures’ work involved:

  • Feasibility reporting
  • Structural design
  • Structural viability reporting
  • Liaison with Patchway District Council’s construction team, as well as with the architect and contractor.



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December 8, 2014