Professional, fair and transparent

At PRO Structures, we like to work with our clients from beginning to end to ensure they get the best possible service. Our approach gives us the ability to develop lasting relationships, solve problems and go the extra mile to ensure your project runs smoothly from concept to handover.

We always aim to offer value, but not at the expense of quality. We seek to add value through the professional quality of our service and our willingness to step in and work with you to resolve any design or site issues which occur along the way. We aim to come to a professional, fair and transparent agreement from the start.

Our mission and values

“We want to be a valued and trusted structural partner in our clients’ development projects, focusing on building long term relationships and ensuring we design the best solution for your needs – making us your first choice of structural engineer.”

Top-down supervision and risk management

Our clients are guaranteed of director-level involvement, even as our growing team contributes to your designs and calculations at a more junior level to keep costs down. Our directors will always oversee and take overall responsibility for all projects, as a quality guarantee which gives you both the peace of mind you need to know your scheme will be designed to your brief and budget, taking all risks into account, but avoiding expensive over-design. Based in Bristol, our client base includes numerous regional and even national level architects and housebuilders who can vouch for our professional experience, capability and attention to detail.

Functional, elegant and fit for purpose – inside and out

Whether you are an architect, developer or consultancy, the first thing we do is aim to fully understand your brief. This may seem obvious, but we find that if we take the time to explore all the parameters of the project – whether these are time and cost considerations, aesthetic objectives, ground conditions, preferred materials, building services considerations or a green imperative – we are far less likely to fall foul of misunderstandings or errors during design.

Our schemes vary tremendously according to our individual clients’ needs, and the level of input they require from us, but the main stages we typically work to would involve:

  • Pro Structures DiagramStage 1: a preliminary meeting to talk around all aspects of the project, involving as many of the project team as possible.
  • Stage 2: we may then carry out a feasibility study, request geological surveys if necessary, and carry out any structural investigations.
  • Stage 3: we would usually present our initial concept design, taking into account all the design considerations.
  • Stage 4: once the preliminary designs have been agreed, we move to detailed design, with complete drawings and calculations for submission to Building Control.
  • Stage 5: we work with you to review the chosen contractor’s proposals, and monitor on site as necessary, as well as fielding queries from the construction team.


We are used to tendering and working within the RIBA plan of work guidelines, as well as to the latest CDM Regulations. For more information, do get in touch via the contact page or call us on 0117 923 8777 /email

“We have worked with PRO Structures’ engineers for almost 20 years, both while involved with other practices and more recently as dz architecture ltd. PRO Structures are always open to dialogue and keen to understand fully the requirements of a scheme in architectural terms. This has led to a very good relationship with us and other team members, resulting in the right structural solution for the project in hand. We have no hesitation in recommending them to clients and consultants who would like to utilise their knowledge, experience, skills and services.”

 Simon Dlugiewicz, Director, dz architecture ltd