Structural Steel Design

Steel design, or more specifically, structural steel design, is an area of knowledge of structural engineering used to design steel structures. The structures can range from schools to homes to bridges.

At PRO Structures, we are skilled at delivering cost-effective and buildable structural steel design solutions to clients, conforming to the brief and offering a best value solution. We have also traditionally undertaken steelwork connection design and verification for our clients. We are also adept at addressing and designing out potential issues in relation to buildability with structural steelwork.

We utilise the latest release of MasterSeries’ and TEDDS structural framework and connection design packages. All steelwork designs can be undertaken to the commonly used British standards, as well as to the new Eurocodes if required.

Examples of PRO Structures projects designed in structural steelwork include:

  • St Nicholas Market, Bristol – we designed a new 62m2 mezzanine storage deck within a Grade II listed building.
  • Prompt Transport depot, Bristol – we designed five new portal frames as extensions to an existing building, along with a two storey steel framed internal office area.
  • Coniston Community Centre, Bristol, Phase 1.5 – we designed a new 117m2 lightweight steel framework to enclose an existing roof walkout deck at second floor level, for a change of use into proposed new office space.
  • 201 Wellington Hill West –we undertook the design of new support beams and columns for a ground floor store extension, to support the existing superstructure loads as well as the additional load of a new second-storey apartment.


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