PRO Structures has worked on several public sector developments, such as the school and community centres below, as well as other schools including Bathwick St Mary’s in Bath, modifications to the Draycott and Rodney First School in Draycott, and disabled access design for Stogursey Primary School in Somerset. Prior to forming the company, our directors worked on larger projects such as the MoD Collocation project in Bristol, and an army firing range in Barbados – and we are currently working on the structural design for a new jetty in Anguilla, continuing our tradition of public sector developments in the Caribbean!


public sector developments in BristolConiston Community Centre, Bristol

This three-storey extension includes a steel frame enclosure to replace the previously external roof-top break-out area. It was formed using a load-bearing masonry enveloped and pre-stressed concrete plank floors. PRO Structures was involved with this project throughout the design phases, attending construction and design meetings, liaising with the contractor to solve any issues which might arise, and preparing viability reports for budget purposes. Coniston Community Centre was partially funded by lottery revenues and was completed in March 2011.




public sector developments at Coalpit Heath schoolCoalpit Heath C of E Primary School, Bristol

New steel-framed single-storey public sector primary school, with external masonry cladding and timber trussed rafter roofing. The entire site was grouted to fill the potential voids due to the affect of worked coal seams at shallow depth under the proposed strip foundations. The design incorporates a central corridor to the length of the building with patent glazing above.




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