Barton Road, St Philips

Location: Bristol, UK

Project value: £900,000

Scope: Four-storey apartment block totalling 10,750 sq ft, built from load-bearing masonry

Services provided: Sub- and superstructure design; liaison with client and architect

Architect: Elevation One Building Design Ltd

Triangular four-storey apartment block in St Philips, Bristol

This triangular four-storey apartment block, for St George’s Homes, was completed in February 2013. The block houses ten apartments with one, two or three bedrooms, and a set-back top floor apartment. The building incorporated deep strip foundations, loadbearing masonry external and internal walling, and proprietary timber and beam-and-block concrete floors.

It posed several design challenges, including the need to retrofit a steel frame support for an external roof terrace hot tub. The set-back top floor apartment has a lightweight timber frame construction, to reduce the load on the rest of the building. These measures enabled the aesthetic brief to be met in the most cost-effective way, which both the developer and architect appreciated.

PRO Structures’ work involved:

  • Structural design
  • Structural drawing
  • Liaison with the architect and contractor over structural issues.



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December 8, 2014