201 Wellington Hill West

Project value: £100,000

Location: Bristol

To extend an existing retail space by removing loadbearing walls, and to build a new second floor apartment above the existing first floor one.

Services provided:
Site inspections, steel framework design and justification of existing structural elements.

David Cahill Design

“We were delighted with the professionalism of PRO Structures’ performance on this project” – Adrian Mothersdill, client.

Adrian Mothersdill commissioned PRO Structures to extend the existing Spar shop, following the closure of the Post Office which had been housed within it, as well as to design a second floor apartment above his existing first floor one, which was itself above the shop.

PRO Structures’ work involved:

  • Site inspections of the trial pit excavations and the exposed structural steel support beams, to confirm our design assumptions.
  • New support steel framework design and connection details.
  • Structural justification of the existing superstructure and foundations, to withstand the new applied additional loads.
  • Liaison with local building control, to close out any design issues.



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December 8, 2014