Tall Pines, Henbury Road

This project may otherwise have been an ordinary scheme, to design a garage. However, the site in question is located in a tree preservation area, with the main house built in grounds containing numerous protected trees.

The site for the adjacent garage was therefore highly constrained, needing to sit close to the house and following its classical style, while avoiding, and in some cases bridging over, the tall pine roots.

This meant that the structure, which is built in traditional load-bearing masonry with a suspended beam and block floor, needed to sit on eight foundation piles, each pile driven 6m into the ground while ensuring the protection of nearby tree roots which had spread under the garage footprint. PRO Structures worked closely with both the architect, Biddulph Architects, and arboriculturist Assured Trees, to both conform to the classical design of the main house – and this is a garage which even has a glazed dome roof and high-level storage in the eaves! – and protect the tall pines which give the property its name.

Pictures show the classical form of the garage adjacent to the main house, and the tall pines to the side whose roots reach under the garage footprint.