Quality structural engineering

Water Lane, Wotton-under-Edge

Elan Homes Ltd

Location: Wotton-under-Edge, near Stroud, Gloucestershire
Project value: £1.2m


Scope: 12 new terraced two-storey houses, built using traditional load-bearing masonry.

Services provided: Structural design for the buildings’ substructure; site inspection and reports.

Exclusive development of 12 family homes in Wotton-under-Edge

PRO Structures was the structural engineer for this exclusive development of twelve new family homes in the picturesque Cotswold town of Wotton-under-Edge. As part of our brief, we designed the new deep strip foundations for the site, which had previously been used as a commercial office and warehouse building.
This change of use, combined with the presence of high water-demand leylandii trees in the area’s clay soil, posed specific challenges which led to our chosen solution of deep strip foundations; which offered best value to Elan Homes. Similarly, during the course of our site inspections, we advised the contractor on the need to remove unsuitable obstructions in the ground, to ensure the stability of the new build – which otherwise may not have been picked up.

PRO Structures’ work involved:

  •  Structural design for the substructure elements
  • Structural drawing in relation to the substructure
  • Liaison with the subcontractors and developer
  • Site inspections to advise the contractor on remedies for structural problems uncovered during the build.
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