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“We couldn’t be more pleased with the service received from PRO Structures.  Very good communication, and even when I had to put the engineers under a lot of pressure for an unexpectedly quick deadline, we still received what we needed in time to finish a successful project.” – Andy Gainey, Project Coordinator, The Window Glass Company

Bristol Structural Glazing

With an increasing demand for bespoke buildings, including sporting venues, supermarkets and car showrooms, with highly specialised glazed elevations, PRO Structures partners with structural glazing specialists such as Ridgeway and the WindowGlass Company, who design and install innovative aluminium and glazed architectural systems around the UK for the construction industry.

Specialist structural engineering input is needed for large glazed elevations, especially when they are faceted or inclined, which requires structural design checks of the aluminium window mullions and transoms to make sure they can withstand both wind and vertical loads.  Structural glazing has many benefits, allowing for broader architectural design flexibility; increasing thermal efficiency as the exterior exposure of metal framing is either reduced or eliminated; reducing or eliminating water and air infiltration, and reducing the potential for thermal breakage of glass.

Examples of our work with structural glazing include:

  • Our work on the 15-storey Royal Wharf/Caledonian Road mixed use development in London for glazing specialist Ridgeway is progressing apace, and we are proud to be providing the structural design for the glazed facades. The curtain walling is being erected, as of winter 2017
  • The Somerset County Cricket Ground’s new pavilion, for the WindowGlass Company, whose extensive inclined glazing enables guests to fully enjoy the game while entertaining their clients.
  • Waitrose, Bagshot, whose angled glazed frontage is an essential part of the supermarket’s branding.
  • The MVV Energy From Waste plant at Devonport Dockyard, Plymouth.
  • CERC St Dennis, a landmark energy recovery centre in Cornwall with high glazed elevations.


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Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing in Bristol